Welcome to Del Terra Pottery!

We believe a piece of handmade pottery can be a source of joy in this world of mass produced industrial goods. How often do you use an item with the lines from the maker's fingers embossed on the surface? We pride ourselves on producing high quality stoneware and porcelain pottery that can find its way to everyday use in your home. No two pieces are exactly alike. So many customers tell us that our pieces get everyday use in their kitchens.

Our ware is high-fired in a gas kiln to 2350F. This is the upper end of the stoneware temperature range so our pieces are very strong and durable. We use food safe glazes and our pieces are fine in the dishwasher or microwave.

Our main product is functional stoneware to be used in the kitchen and at the dinner table. Our bowls can also be used throughout the house as accent pieces, bathroom accessories, or catch-alls in the office or bedroom. Our customers tell us all the time "We use them for everything!"